Yukon PNP Business Program

There are two categories under the Business Program:


To qualify as an entrepreneur, the applicant must have:

  • Invested a minimum of $150,000 CDN equity into starting or buying a business;
  • A personal net worth of at least $250,000.00 CDN;
  • Visited the Yukon at least once prior to application;
  • Basic communication skills in one of the two official languages;
  • The necessary experience and education to successfully implement the business plan.

Professional Self-Employed

To qualify as a professional self-employed person, the applicant must:

  • Satisfy a certification or accreditation requirement for the profession or occupation;
  • Have a profession or occupation that has been listed as a professional skill shortage;
  • Be licensed/ accepted by the body governing the profession, if applicable;
  • Be able to conduct basic communications in the official language of the workplace;
  • Visit the Yukon so as to be aware of and have an understanding of the social, economic and weather conditions of the territory;
  • Demonstrate that he/she has sufficient financial resources to start and operate the professional practice and to support himself/ herself and any dependents for a period of six months;
  • Submit a detailed business plan for the business or practice.