Successful applicants will receive a Saskatchewan Provincial Nomination Certificate, which will speed-up the Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa application process.
Under the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP), you may qualify under one of eight categories:


Saskatchewan PNP – Farmers

To qualify as a Farmer, an applicant  must:

  • Have a net worth of $500,000;
  • Supply a signed offer to purchase a Saskatchewan farming operation, or land for a new farm operation;
  • Visit Saskatchewan within the two-year period prior to making a signed offer to purchase; and
  • Demonstrate that they are knowledgeable farm operators.This category also has a Young Farmers Stream, for applicants who:
  • Are under the age of 40;
  • Have at least three years of experience managing or operating a farm;
  • Have a net worth of $300,000;
  • Submit a proposal for a commercial farming opportunity in the province;
  • Can demonstrate marketable employment skills; and
  • Conduct an exploratory visit to Saskatchewan prior to submitting their application.


Saskatchewan PNP – Entrepreneurs

To qualify as an Entrepreneur, an applicant must:

  • Have a minimum personal net worth of CDN $300,000;
  • Make a minimum investment of CDN $150,000 into a new or existing business in Saskatchewan;
  • Have 3-5 years of proven experience in managing or owning a business;
  • Have significant funds for establishing a new business or partnership in an existing Saskatchewan business, in which the applicant will have an ongoing management role;
  • Plan to own at least 33.3% of the proposed or existing business, or invest CDN $1-million in the business;
  • Complete a Business Establishment Plan demonstrating the applicant’s intent;
  • Provide a full disclosure of business assets and debt; and
  • Make a good faith deposit of CDN $75,000.

NOTE: All Entrepreneur applications received after 1 May 2012 must include an evaluation report conducted by an a third party that has been approved by the SINP Entrepreneur and Farm Owner/Operator category. If a positive third party evaluation is received, Entrepreneur candidates will be allowed to formally apply to the SINP program.


Saskatchewan PNP – Large Scale Investors

The Entrepreneur category of the Saskatchewan PNP includes a priority stream for Large Scale Investors, for Entrepreneurs who intend to make an investment of CDN $10-million or more. In addition to receiving priority processing of their nomination applications, applicants under this category have an added benefit: once their nomination is approved, they can also request the nomination of up to ten critical members of their management team. However, these applications will be assessed separately.


Saskatchewan PNP – Science and Technology

The Entrepreneur category of the Saskatchewan PNP also includes a priority stream for applicants who:

  • Own a patent and intend to commercialize it through an active investment in Saskatchewan;
  • Own an innovative IT idea and intend to commercialize it through an active investment in Saskatchewan; or
  • Intend to actively invest in a partnership with an existing Saskatchewan science and technology-based firm.

These applicants must also meet the four criteria of the Entrepreneur category above.